Hi, I'm Alyson Fisher.  I love dogs. I'm sure you're thinking "yeah, so do I."  But, really. I love them. I changed my entire career to settle down in one place and buy a dog boarding facility where we see over 100 dogs every single day.  I built a team of over 30 employees who are basically just my friends that happen to also love dogs! Along with that came an entire community of dog lovers/customers and what we call "The Fido's Family."  My dog facility is called Fantastic Fido's and is located in St. Joseph, Missouri with satellite offerings in Maryville, MO and Kansas City, MO.  Anyway, down to the story of "The Good Dog Bone." Through many years of trying and using various dog treats and products, my husband (a classically trained chef turned engineer--weird, I know!) and I developed The Good Dog Bone! Why is it so good?  It's a completely natural cow femur that has no blood! You've seen other raw or frozen marrow bones but you always pass them by because they are bloody and gross and you don't want that mess in your house or on your carpet.  Well, "The Good Dog Bone" is exactly that femur bone but we have removed the blood and added a little spice to and whaaalaa--no mess! The best part? The dogs love it! We developed the name because our customers would come in and say "Can I get some of those good dog bones?" Believe me, it's a GOOD dog bone.  We are excited to be in the final development stages of our two new products -- Good Dog Gravy and Good Dog Dust!